Here’s me and my booth at BluePrint, the popular Print and Illustration tradeshow in New York, 2019.


My name is Julie. I'm a graphic designer and the owner of Pattern Play Studio –  a creative design studio based in Brisbane, Australia. Through Pattern Play Studio, I bring my passion for patterns and prints to life. I especially have a fondness for flowers and love designing various patterns featuring florals using different art techniques. Sometimes I’ll paint with watercolour or gouache, and other times I’ll digitally create using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I’ve even experimented with paper collage. My designs are colourful, bold, happy and playful.  

I love designing for textiles, gift wrap, stationery, packaging, homewares and soft furnishings.
In fact, I love designing any product that needs a special print design on it. I have over 20 years experience in graphic design, gaining loads of experience working in the corporate world, and now I’m thrilled to say I work entirely for myself. It’s absolutely liberating! Some exciting and recent projects include: designs for baby goods such as pram liners and play mats; Journal and diary planners; Christmas gift wrap and Greeting Cards; and more recently, Women’s Apparel. I’m excited to see what’s next!

My current collection of print designs are available for sale or licensing. If you like my artistic style and would like to see more, please email me with your enquiries. I can put together a custom presentation for you of prints and patterns for your personal selection. I also work on commissions and to customer and product specific briefs and I’m available to take on freelance work.

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